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Lieber & Associates (L&A) focuses exclusively on enhancing contact and call centers to boost customer satisfaction, increase sales and achieve higher productivity. The consultancy helps enterprises develop the best available processes, people, organization structures, tools and technology to improve customer contact by telephone, chat, email and video.

Founder Mitchell Lieber pioneered many call center best practices and predicted key industry transformations before their wide adoption. For more than twenty-five years, Lieber & Associates has trail-blazed the integration of call centers with enterprise departments, advertising, marketing, the web, social media, email, video and mobile.

The firm employs unique tools on behalf of clients. Its pioneering customer experience model for call centers relates customer expectations to specific call center attributes. Lieber & Associates' audits and assessments employ a suite of proven proprietary processes. The consultancy's benchmarking compares client operations to standard and best practices, including those at similar operations. L&A's management studies evaluate issues and options for enterprises. Examples include call center consolidation, relocation, migration to outsourcing, migration to in-house, global integration and better use of technology.

Lieber & Associates technology projects help clients select and integrate software, computer and telephone systems and optimize use of existing systems. For all operations, this typically includes desktop and CRM software. For inbound operations, the firm works with ACD, IVR, speech-recognition, workforce management and quality systems. For outbound operations, it advises on predictive, progressive and preview dialers. L&A is vendor neutral and experienced with all major call center technology brands, premise-based and hosted. It also advises clients on chat, click-to-call and video calls.

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