Book Contributions by L&A Consultants

Contact and Call Centers


The IMC Handbook: Readings and Cases in Integrated Marketing Communications
By J. Steven Kelly, Susan K. Jones, and Richard A. Hagle
Racom Communications, First Edition 2005, Third Edition 2015
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Chapter: "Contact and Call Centers" by Mitchell Lieber

Creative Strategy in Direct and Interactive Marketing
By Susan K. Jones
NTC Business Books, Second Edition 1997
Racom Communications, Fourth Edition 2011
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Section: "Seven Ways Contact and Call Center Marketing are Changing in the 21st Century" by Mitchell Lieber

Do It Yourself Advertising and Promotion
By Fred E. Hahn and Kenneth G. Mangun
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Second Edition 1997
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Section: "Ten Ways Telephone Marketing Will Change by 2001" by Mitchell Lieber


Mitchell Lieber has authored more than 50 articles on call and contact centers for publications such as DM News, Direct, (now Chief Marketer), Target Marketing, the Chicago Tribune and the Lieber & Associates Knowledgebase.

IMC Handbook – Readings & Cases in Integrated Marketing Communications, plus two other books