Increasing Leads, Closes, and Revenue

E-Commerce, Direct Marketing and Order-taking

Marketing, order and sales contact and call centers are revenue conduits. They are instrumental parts of the developmental path that transforms prospects into customers.

Marketing contact and call centers

generate, qualify and stage sales leads. Whether business-to-business or consumer, Lieber & Associates works with marketing centers to effectively and efficiently fill the pipeline with qualified sales leads and develop involvement from interest to customer.

Order contact and call centers

are a differentiator for brands. Excellence in customer contact is often a key component of a company's stated or implied brand promise. The order center is where that promise is kept.

Handling incoming calls in response to web and print catalogs, mailings and broadcast ads is a challenging and multi-faceted endeavor. From forecasting e-mail, chat and call traffic to effectively conducting cross-selling and up-selling, there's much to do to optimize results.

Sales call centers

develop customers, bringing them along from expressing interest to buying. This is achieved differently for different markets. Approaches to business-to-business and consumer sales calls differ. Some programs involve single calls to close a sale and some require a series of contacts and calls. Others are best handled with an account management approach. In all sales centers the key to success is successfully managing multiple components, from the sales process to call guides, and from staff development to training to metrics. Sales are improved by strengthening weaker components.

Lieber & Associates' founder is a direct marketing generalist and a contact and call center specialist. The firm understands how to integrate centers with social, web and direct marketing in ways that optimize sales. It is well versed in the telephone sales process in a broad range of markets. L&A guides clients to enhance or re-engineer centers to improve sales results.

Female customer places a credit card order by phone