Improving Patient Access

Health Care

Health care is changing throughout the U.S., and health care contact and call centers are part of the transformation.

Many organizations are consolidating multiple call centers into a single operation. In hospitals this all comes together in the Patient Access Center. In today's world health care organizations must offer a better patient experience, streamline calls and operate more efficiently with reduced staff. These are all enabled by consolidating multiple call centers into a single Patient Access Center.

In a managed care environment, the call center proactively intervenes with patients to maintain health. By doing so it can minimize office visits, eliminate some emergency department visits and lower the number of hospitalizations.

With so many people utilizing smartphones for nearly everything, video visits are emerging as a modality for delivering care. Provider visits via smart phone are widely available from other companies, and hospital provider groups are now adopting video visits as an additional service.

These transformations benefit patients, wellness and health care organizations. They require proper planning, staff involvement and implementation to be successful.

Lieber & Associates works with health care organizations to articulate the vision, develop the plan, and to effectively implement contact and call center changes that are part of health care transformation.

Mother and child visit a physician in a group medical practice