Making Good Decisions

Management Studies

There are many contact and call center strategic decisions to make today. Some that arise are about location and organization of staff, such as consolidation and home agents. Other strategic decisions are focused on improving customer experience through better interactions, more communications channels or expanded operating hours.

There is also the question of how to more seamlessly integrate with branding, advertising and other channels, including social media. In some companies, there are decisions to make about the evolving role of the contact center and integration within the rest of the organization.

The future is always knocking on the door of contact center executives. In healthcare operations, a current issue is how to best implement video visits or improve them. Many call centers are beginning to contemplate how and when robotic process automation (RPA) will be worthwhile for them. Most are considering bots and other artificial intelligence, or plan to consider them in the future.

Lieber & Associates works with corporate management teams to make these key strategic decisions based on experience, best practices and the enterprise's market. Decisions are informed by evidence based management studies that set out advantages and disadvantages. These include risks and benefits as well as projected costs and impact on revenue.

Strategy meeting of four executives, two women and two men