Trail-Blazing and Predictions


A contact and call center thought leader, L&A's Mitchell Lieber innovated, pioneered or predicted many of today's call center practices. He often did so five to ten years in advance of their mainstream adoption.

Practices Innovated or Pioneered

2007 Customer Experience Model for Contact/Call Centers

2007 Developed Formula for Calculating Cost/Benefit/Risk of Off-shore Outsourcing

2004 Enhanced Version of Tri-Level - New Service Level Metric (first developed in 1987)

2002 Proprietary Call Center Evaluation Tools

1994 First Internet Marketing Seminar for Direct Marketers

1994 First Teleconference Training for Call Center Reps

1992 Integration of Call Centers and Direct Marketing (TV, Mail, etc.) - DMA Speech

1987 Response Projection Methods for Inbound Calls Generated by Ads (TV, print, etc.)

1987 Tri-Level - New Service Level Metric (enhanced in 2004)

1986 Blended Agents/Universal Agents

1986 Skills-based routing

1984 Conditional Close for Sales

1984 Segmentation for Call Center Campaigns

Hand holding a light bulb illuminating a large diagram of interlocking gears

Future Call Center Developments Predicted in Articles and Speeches

2005 Geo-based Marketing of Non-voice Messages to Cell Phones and Handhelds

1999 National Do-Not-Call list (started 2003)

1999 Wide Deployment of DSL and Dramatic Increase in Web Use Due to Faster Access

1999 Call Centers in India

1996 Wide Deployment of Voice-recognition

1996 Web-integrated Call Centers

1996 Computer-based and Network-based Telephone Systems