Workshops and Seminars for Front-Line Staff

Staff Training

Does your telephone staff communicate effectively? Whether the purpose of your calls is service, technical support, lead qualification or sales, a moment of truth occurs each time a rep has a phone conversation. Is each rep prepared to do as well as they can?

There are a great many things to do correctly on a call, and it is the very rare rep who does them all instinctively. The correct behaviors are so numerous that very few reps can remember them all without initial training and periodic refreshers, coupled with monitoring and coaching.

Lieber & Associates customizes its standard trainings for individual client markets and products. It also works with clients to develop complete training programs that include call guides/scripts, product/service knowledge and a knowledgebase of FAQs as well as telephone skills.

Lieber & Associates' suite of training programs has offerings and content specifically designed for:

  • Customer service: training reps to deliver improved service.
  • Order centers: training reps to be more engaging and accurate.
  • Marketing centers: training reps to better qualify and cultivate leads.
  • Sales: training reps to transform inquirers into qualified prospects, and to transform qualified prospects into customers.

Session employ a combination of Socratic method, exercises, demonstrations, humor, and role playing to engage trainees and convey content.

Telephone representative at work