Configure, Train On, Test, Cut-Over, and Fine-Tune New Systems


Successfully implementing contact center technology requires a detailed and thorough approach. Missteps can cripple customer communications. Implementations that overlook steps or details can create problems that are difficult to resolve. Frequently, they hamper operations and calls for months, exhibiting the behavior of a digital poltergeist.

How does Lieber & Associates know this?

The firm is frequently retained post-installation by clients to resolve such problems. These clients are frustrated and adversely affected by their new system. They often ask L&A to evaluate whether it is irreparable and should be replaced, or if there is a way to make it function as expected.

After conducting diagnostics and digging into the system, Lieber & Associates almost always outlines a complex series of steps to resolve the malfunctions. Resolution typically requires weeks or months. In all cases, implementing the system properly in the beginning would have been quicker, less disruptive and would have saved money.

Lieber & Associates contact center technology consultants work collaboratively with corporate I.T., contact center and vendor staffs to achieve successful implementations. This includes work on planning, implementation design, training, testing, cut-over of the new system and fine-tuning.

Computer server at left and network cable connections at right