Technology for Contact and Call Centers

Contact Center I.T. Specialists

Lieber & Associates technology services focus entirely on contact and call centers. Its consultants have spent their entire careers working with telecommunications, management, and computer systems for contact centers. The firm’s most senior consultants each have several decades of experience consulting in this area.

Practical and Forward Thinking Advice

The firm’s approach to technology is both practical and forward thinking. Its standards are that technology must be reliable, deliver a good ROI, and work with current systems. It must also accommodate growth and keep up with new developments.

Lieber & Associates provides services to acquire new systems that fit your operation, optimize existing systems, and resolve technical problems.

For system acquisition, Lieber & Associates may be engaged for narrowly scoped services, such as the RFP and contracting process. Or, it may be retained for comprehensive services and also perform programming design (skills groups, routing, IVR, messages), oversee vendor installation and training, and design final testing, which it conducts and oversees with your team.

The firm frequently recommends ways for existing systems to do more through better configurations, upgrades, and add-ons. L&A has a long track record of troubleshooting call center technology mysteries. It performs diagnostics, identifies the source of the trouble, and recommends the no-nonsense solution.

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