Contact Center Speaking

Looking Ahead and Higher Customer Satisfaction

Mitchell Lieber speaks on call centers and customer service topics to executives in fields ranging from advertising to healthcare. Since the dawn of the 21st century “Mitch” has pioneered innovations and predicted new developments He is a call center speaker who looks to the future while passing on learnings from his extensive experience. Lieber examines emerging trends, such as artificial intelligence, while sharing what you must do to accurately measure the effectiveness of service. He is a keynote speaker who provides guidance that is both inspiring and pragmatic.

Speaking Formats

“Mitch” delivers keynotes as well as luncheon and dinner speeches. With an early career conducting interviews on Chicago radio, moderating symposia and panels is second nature to him.

L&A supplies all of the materials you require for your conference website, program, and advertising.

He is a versatile speaker, service centers who can also present management workshops and seminars .

Keynote Topics

Mitchell Lieber can bring these topics to your meeting.
  • Customer Experience in the Call Center: Walking the Talk
  • How Your Call Center will Change in the Years Ahead

Symposia and Panel Topics

"Mitch" Lieber moderates programs on a wide range of topics. Examples are:
  • Customer experience
  • Staff training
  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Technology: software and telephone
  • Video calls
  • Metrics and reports
  • AI today and tomorrow
  • Doing business in a social media world

He often tailors sessions to specific industries. Contact Lieber & Associates and please submit information about your event to discuss how “Mitch” would work with you.
Mitchell Lieber speaks at national conference