Evaluation and Recommendation Projects


The foundation of Lieber & Associates consulting activities is a comprehensive contact center assessment. This series of diagnostic evaluations identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis).

To meet client requirements, assessments review and evaluate fifteen areas and can focus on particular elements more than others such as technology, customer experience or measurement. Benchmarking may also be included.

The results of an assessment are:

  • Recommendations in each of the fifteen areas.
  • Ballpark estimates for budget, staff resources, outside resources, and lead time necessary to achieve recommended changes.
  • Initial guidance on priorities
  • Sequencing of implementation into phases.

Lieber & Associates assessments provide a gap analysis of current state vs. best practices, and a road map to achieve a future state that is an improved contact or call center.

Six managers meet to discuss assessment

Discussed numerous topics relating to our service for both strategic & tactical perspectives. Mitch shared a lot of industry/experience insights on both fronts. It was very productive.

Focused quickly on service value & issues.

The consulting engagement accomplished organization - prioritization - focus!

Practical advice. Livable guidelines. Organizational plans that are very 'down to earth'.

Assisted in developing a plan for handling rapid increase in business.

Provided the requested information & detail in an extremely comprehensive & understandable way.

Exceeded my expectations.