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Call Recording and Monitoring Regulations Revisited (February 2020)

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Recording and monitoring laws for call centers appear to be a crazy quilt of rules. Here is an introduction to U.S., Canadian, and European laws to make understanding them easier

Before skipping over Europe because a call center is elsewhere, consider one key fact. The European Union (EU) applies its 2018 privacy regulations to companies worldwide that do business with EU residents (if the residents are physically located in the EU at the time of the interaction). Requirements significantly exceed those of U.S. and Canadian law.

Finally, laws governing consent to monitor or record are not the end-all of compliance. Additional regulations and rules govern aspects of call recordings, Call Recording Regulations

10 Steps to New Call Center Technology (January 2020)

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The right technology can make your contact center sing with higher productivity and performance, better reports which enable better management, improved service and/or increased sales.

Some companies want to choose… read 10 Steps to New Call Center Technology

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