Diagnosis of Technical Issues and Solutions


It’s Complicated

When contact and call center technology malfunctions Lieber & Associates identifies the source of the trouble, and specific steps to take to achieve resolution.

Modern contact and call center systems are complex. They consist of multiple servers and software, tied together over several networks, with an encyclopedia of settings. It is easy for vendors to believe that another vendor, or even the client, is at fault.

Determining the root cause of a problem can require call center IT experts, with no vested interest, who know how to dig in the right places.

Specialists in Contact Center Systems

Lieber & Associates consultants are vendor-independent. Each has spent more than 20 years installing, configuring, and troubleshooting contact and call center hardware and software. They have “been there” and “done that” many times in many different environments.

The firm’s experts work with call center phone systems made by Cisco (UCCE and UCCX), Avaya, Interactive Intelligence, and all others. L&A consultants work with cloud systems from Genysys, Nice InContact, Five9s, and many other vendors. Experience spans related applications such as workforce management, CRM, EHR, dialers, recording systems, CTI, and reporting software.

L&A consulting teams diagnose the source(s) of problems, and recommend measures that achieve resolution, so that normal operations can resume.
Computer network connections to a VoIP telephone system