A Better Experience for Better Retention

Customer Service

Customer service was once all about providing good service. This reflected a focus on actions. Today, customer service is about more than service; it's about the customer experience.

Lieber & Associates arrived early to this shift in focus, discussing customer experience in early marketing trade press articles. By 2008, L&A developed a customer experience model for call centers.

Why is customer experience is so important? The answer is today's business environment.

1. Brand loyalty can no longer be expected. It must be pro-actively developed with each interaction.
2. In our well-connected world there are more options in more channels. There's more competition. Customers who are dissatisfied can easily switch to another company and can virtually do so on impulse.
3. The cost to acquire a new customer is 500% of that to retain an existing customer. A company can retain five customers for the cost of acquiring one new one.

Lieber & Associates works with contact and call centers to improve the customer experience, brand loyalty and retention in social, chat, e-mail and phone channels. It helps companies improve productivity as well, by applying sophisticated management principals and multi-channel thinking.

Customer care rep holding mike on headset