Value of a Review and When to Do It

Call Center Assessment: Its Value and When*

Reveal the beautiful and the ugly!

Some sculptors remark that they chip away rock to reveal the sculpture already inside the stone, hidden from view. Similarly, the blur of daily activity in your contact center can hide beautiful assets and ugly liabilities from view, preventing you from achieving optimal performance.

Whether your company uses an inside expert or an outside consultant, it is prudent business to conduct a formal assessment or audit to reveal hidden dimensions of your operation, such as:

  • Unneeded expenses
  • Opportunities to boost sales
  • Ways to retain more customers
  • Profitable ways to better employ technology
  • Methods to better integrate with other media channels
  • How to better integrate with other company departments
  • Ways to increase productivity
  • Metrics that can purposefully enhance focus

When to audit?

Many audits are performed after acquisitions, to prepare for new technology or as an aid to new development efforts. One of the best reasons for a formal assessment is to stay in top form and identify actions that will improve results.

*These are general recommendations. Specific strategies and tactics should be based on a review of your needs, market and operation. For outside support contact Lieber & Associates.

Team of contact center representatives at work

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