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Nine Ways To Generate More Response To Your Telephone Number Advertising*

Are you advertising to generate a response by telephone? If so, here are some general guidelines that can help boost response.

  • Have a firm offer: For a free report... To order at a 10% discount... For a demonstration...
  • Repeat the telephone number at least 3 times in print ads and direct mail.
  • Display the number for at least 20 seconds and repeat it verbally as well, in a 60 second TV ad.
  • Use boldface type for the number in text, or reverse the number elsewhere to draw attention to it.
  • Put the number in large type in at least one location.
  • Display the number prominently and/or repeatedly on the business reply card.
  • Use a vanity number for television radio and billboards. For example, 1-800-PICK-ATT. You may also use an easy to remember number such as 1-800-842-2000 (these may be more difficult to obtain than vanity numbers).
  • Make vanity numbers easy to dial for print ad readers by displaying the numerical equivalent after or under the vanity number. This is often displayed in smaller type and in parenthesis.

*These are general recommendations. Specific strategies and tactics should be based on a review of your needs, market and operation. For outside support contact Lieber & Associates.

Cell phone, ready for dialing

  • If your telephone number is answered during certain hours or days of the week, show these in smaller type under the number. You need only show days and hours where the number is most prominently displayed.
  • On the web, make the phone number clickable on smartphones (click to dial)

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