Audits - Internal vs. External

Auditing Your Call Center: Internal Vs External*

Your contact center assessment may be performed by one of your employees or an outside consultant. While cost may be a factor, a good audit will deliver a solid return on investment, so it may be penny-wise/pound-foolish to decide on the basis of cost alone. Here's how to make the choice:

Use an Internal Auditor when the Auditor ...

  • Has broad and deep experience spanning five or more call centers.
  • Is experienced with call center benchmarking.
  • Can focus exclusively on the project for two to six weeks.
  • Has a knack for both analysis and synthesis.
  • Is adept with both numbers and people.
  • Can elicit candid input form all levels of staff.

Use an Outside Consultant when ...

  • A fresh look and evaluation is needed.
  • An impartial, outside opinion is important.
  • Broad experience with hundreds of call center programs would be beneficial.
  • Extensive audit experience is important.
  • In-house auditors don't have time or are unavailable.

*These are general recommendations. Specific strategies and tactics should be based on a review of your needs, market and operation. For outside support contact Lieber & Associates.

Team of call center representatives handling telephone calls at work stations

  • Your staff may not speak candidly with an insider.
  • Information gathering, interviews & report preparation must proceed quickly without sacrificing quality.

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