Get the Details in Advance and in Writing

Outsourcer RFP: What to Include*


  • Questionnaire format
  • Pointed questions

Your Organization & Requirements

(Introductory Statements, not questions)

  • Description of your company and program
  • Program requirements (service, technical support, orders, sales, upsell, fulfillment, etc.; inbound calls, web-chat, e-mail replies, social media, outbound calls)
  • Flowchart of program - where the outsourcer fits in

Their Organization Described

  • Related experience - case histories
  • Vendor's philosophy & approach
  • Organization chart
  • Staff information
    - Management, account, supervisor, phone staff
    - Annual turnover rate
  • Training procedures

Their Organization Described

  • Supervisory procedures
    - Quantity control
    - Quality control, including remote monitoring by client on-demand
  • Account management process, account manager and contact information
  • Program change procedures
  • Problem resolution procedures
  • Vendor changes in key staff, notification, client role in approval
  • Potential conflicts of interest

*These are general recommendations. Specific strategies and tactics should be based on a review of your needs, market and operation. For outside support contact Lieber & Associates.

Request for proposal in boldface red text

Reporting & Systems

  • Tracking capabilities (including any test cells)
  • Call guide or scripting - detail your requirements
  • Reporting content and how delivered (e-mail, web, FTP) - detail your requirements
  • Their systems - phone and computer software
  • Data transfer & interconnection - detail your requirements

Pricing & General

  • References - specifically related to your business
  • Why use [vendor name] for this program?
  • Pricing
    - One-time costs
    - Fixed costs
    - Variable costs - per _______
    - Discounts? - What's not included?
  • Copy of standard contract

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